You and the other readers of this site are the reason it exist. We know
that snoring is laughed off by most people in the world as a minor
annoyance. But we also know that there is increasing awareness among
in the academic and research community of the dangers of unaddressed
snoring.  This section is devoted to e-mails we received from readers

My Husband Died of Stroke:

"Dear Susan,

On May 3, 2007 my husband Jerry died of a massive
stroke. He was the love of my life and I cannot tell you
the pain I have to live with every day now that he is gone.
He had a smile that people said lit up the room. He was a
loving father to our 3 sons. He was my world.

Jerry was a large man but not obese. He had been trying
to watch his weight because his oldest brother had died of
a heart attack at the age of 45.

On the day he died, my Jerry had not been feeling well.
He had had a headache on and off for two weeks. But the
last 3 days before he died, nothing helped. But he went to
work. He came home that night and he said he to me if his
head still hurt him like it did he was going to the doctor. I
laughed with him that it must be hurting him because he
had never listened to me about going to the doctor.  I
made his plate and put it down in front of him. It was his
favorite of spaghetti and meatballs.

As I got up, I asked him whether he wanted something
else to drink and I turned to go to the refrigerator.  What
he said next I will never forget for as long as I live. He
mumbled " Saka, pep, Saka,pep he!"  My name is Sarah.
He was trying to say "Sarah help me!" But the words
wouldn't come out right.

We rushed to the ER in an ambulance but Jerry didn't
make it. They said it was like an explosion in his head and
they couldn't do anything.

Now as I look back over my life with my Jerry, my
healthy Jerry, my Jerry who had gotten a clean bill of
health at his annual physical a month before. The only
thing unsual about my Jerry was that he snored so loud he
could wake up the angels.  

I want to tell you that I wish I had read about the
connection between snoring and stroke. I would have
done ANYTHING to stop it. No one, no doctor, can
convince me it didn't have something to do with my
Jerry's stroke. It was the only unusual thing about him. I
hope my loss helps someone else who may think snoring is

Sarah Gminsky"

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